As we all know, palm oil is extracted from palm fruit bunches(FFB), but FFB cannot come into palm oil presser directly. Before pressing, there is an essential step to separate palm fruit from FFB: palm fruit threshing.

Normally, two methods of palm fruit threshing will be used in Africa. The traditional threshing way in Africa is manual work. People chop off the bunches with reaping hook. Like the following picture we taken when researched Nigerian market. But with African economic developing, more people realize machines will be more efficient than manual work and start seeking for automatic machine from China.

Our Company is the leading supplier and manufacturer in field of palm oil processing. We provide premium quality palm fruit thresher as well as other palm oil processing equipment. As for palm fruit machine, what we can provide for you is two types of automatic threshing machine , which based on your capacity demand, budget, degree of automation.

The first type is drum type palm fruit thresher. There is a rotary drum inside of the threshing machine. through rotating the drum, palm fruit and empty bunches are separated. The smallest capacity of the thresher is 1t per hour. If smaller, FFB do not have enough space to rotate and threshing effect will be not good. This type palm fruit threshing machine always used in palm oil extraction processing line, even large scale like 60tph, 80tph project, threshing step also use drum type thresher. Related reading: Palm fruit threshing machine.

If your capacity no more than 1tph, or want simple type thresher, you can choose the following type palm fruit thresher. This type thresher is our engineer team designed after researched small palm oil mill workshop condition. It has these characteristics simple operating and cost effective. If you want to start palm oil processing business but budget not much. This thresher is the best choice.

So you can see, there are three methods to separate palm fruit from palm fruit bunches in palm oil production process. If you are ready to start palm oil business and hesitate how to choose thresher, leave your information. Let our sales to be your project consultant, give you tailored-made suggestion.