The palm oil processing steps in different areas are slightly different. A standard palm oil mill includes raw materials reception, sterilizing, threshing, digesting, pressing, clarification, oil drying, kernel processing and so on(For example Indonesia 45tph-60tph-80tph-100tph palm oil mill). The simple palm oil pressing steps includes separating the palm fruits by manual, and then use the small palm oil expeller to extract the crude palm oil (Especially in Africa, this palm oil processing steps is suitable for the very small palm oil mill, which is not efficient, and the acid value of crude palm oil is very high.)

Due to the disadvantages of the Africa local traditional palm oil processing methods, as well as the large scale palm oil mill cost isn’t affordable for most people. Our engineer special designed the small complete production line depending on the experience of building the standard large palm oil mill in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand.This production line not only can produce the high quality palm oil, but also are more cost-effective than the large palm oil mill.

The detail palm oil processing steps are as follows:

As the palm fruits are very easy to rancidity, we sterilize it soon after harvesting from the palm plantations to avoid the free fatty acid to increase. Besides, sterilizing will also make the ffb become soft, which will be easier to separate the fruits from the bunches. After sterilizing it will go to thresher to take off the fruits. The third step is digesting, to make the palm fruits become mash, which will increase the oil yield, final we can get more palm oil. After palm fruit digesting process, the treated palm fruit will be sent to palm oil press machine for further processing. After palm oil pressing process, we will get the crude palm oil with the impurities of sands, fiber, and water. This does not mean the end of palm oil processing steps, we still need the clarification processing and oil drying to remove these impurities and water.

After these palm oil processing steps, you can get the cleaning crude palm oil. If you also want to get the palm kernel oil, there are fiber separating machine, palm kernel cracking & separating machine, palm kernel oil processing machine to produce the palm kernel oil. To help you make more profits from the palm oil processing business.

Our Machinery have gained rich experiences in palm oil processing field. Our aim is to provides the cost-effective palm oil processing machine to people to help them produce high quality palm oil. At present, we have built many different scale palm oil mill plant projects in different countries, most in Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia. Besides, we also supply palm kernel oil processing machine and palm oil refining machine. If you have any interests in setting up palm oil mill, please contact us for more details.