The ultimate goal of all those who set up palm oil mills is to make more money. In order to maximize the profit of palm oil processing business, most people not only concern palm oil quality but also concerned about what by products will be produced during the palm oil extraction and refining process and how to recycling the by-products. As an experienced palm oil processing machine manufacturer, here I am glad to introduce to you.

At first, the by products of palm oil extraction process are empty bunches(EFB), Fiber, palm nut and others.

As for empty bunches and fiber, they are usually be used as fuel of steam boiler. But with the development of social economy, more and more people have realized the special value of empty bunches and fiber.To maximum realize value, they also be used in renewable energy field.

Among these by-products, palm nuts is another very important by-products. Ecause you can extend it to get three other by-products. They are palm kernel oil, cake and shell.

Palm nuts are composed of palm kernel and shell. Shell can be used as fuel of steam boiler, or can be used in making charcoal. While Cake often be used in feeding animal. In addition to the above by-products, the most valuable by-products are palm kernel oils, the market for palm kernel oil is very large. For example, about 70% of all the edible vegetable oil consumed in Nigeria and other West African countries is made from palm kernel oil (PKO). What is more, palm kernel oils are also the raw material of making soap.

Secondly, during the palm oil refining process, the by-products mainly are soapstock and FFA. Soapstock often be sold to soap making factory. FFA is high valuable chemical material, you can sell to chemical factory.

By-products is only the part of palm oil processing business, even though they have value, but in the palm oil extraction and refining process, the most valuable thing is still palm oil and rbd palm oil. I believe most customers main concern is how to produce high-quality red palm oil and vegetable oil. We are a professional manufacturer of palm oil extraction machine and palm oil refining machine. We have done lots of palm oil mill plant project in Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mexico and so on. We are glad to offer you professional technical support and give you best suggestion about how to start and build palm oil mill and produce high quality oil. Any questions, you are welcome to contact us.