With the development of the palm oil refining industry, nowadays more and more people are interested in setting up palm oil refinery plant. For some customers who invests in palm oil refining business for the first time, they must be curious why palm oil is refined? What is the purpose of palm oil refining?

The most important and intrinsic purpose of palm oil refining is to produce edible oil which can reach standard oil. There are lots of visible, invisible and harmful impurities in the crude palm oil(red palm oil), such as Moisture, Solids (Insolubles), Gums (Lecithins), Free-Fatty Acids (FFA), and other metals. These impurities must be removed to improve the functionality of the oils. Other characteristics of oils (such as color, odor, and taste) are also considered impurities by modern consumers. It will effect oil storage stability, oil color and oil flavor. But all these impurities can be removed in palm oil refinery plant through a series of steps, such as degumming (to remove gums), neutralizing (to remove FFA), bleaching (to remove color), deodorizing (to remove odor and taste), Finally you will get standard bright color, good flavor cooking and edible oil. (You may be interested in: Palm oil refining technology)

Besides the intrinsic purpose, market demand, product value, product profit and policy are also the main reason why palm oil need to be refined and why so many palm oil refinery plants need to be built. Different countries have different conditions and policies to promt the development of palm oil refining industry.

Southeast Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines)are the main countries who export crude palm oil to other countries. But recently years more and more people start to set up palm oil refinery plant. For such a transformation, market demand plays an important role. On the one hand, the global demand for RBD palm oil (refined palm oil) is rising every year. On the other hand, raw material (crude palm oil) investment cost is lower than other palm oil producers and the final RBD palm oil price is relatively high than crude palm oil. So the profit space is large, that means people can make more money from palm oil refining business. (You may be interested in: How to set up a palm oil refinery plant in Malaysia?)

Except Southeast Asian countries, the number of palm oil refinery factories are also increasing in the Africa. Product value profit and national policy has promoted the development of palm oil refining market greatly. For example, lots of Nigerian customer have realized the more value of RBD palm oil, they are try their best to set up palm oil refinery plant although their crude palm oil can be sold into the supermarket. Secondly, Nigerian local government is encouraging their local palm oil industry development, some preferential policies will be enjoyed when you set up palm oil refinery factory.

Finally, palm oil is one of the largest vegetable oil variety in the world. In terms of production, consumption and international trade, vegetable palm oil is needed in almost every country, Thus, palm oil refinery business are very potential. Our company Henan Doing group have built lots of palm oil refinery plant all around the world, such as 5t/d palm oil refinery plant in Indonesia, 30T/D palm oil refinery plant in Congo and 100T/D palm oil refinery plant in Kenya. If you are interested in palm oil refining machine, please contact us for more information.