From our knowledge based on visiting many countries and clients, we found that now most clients are processing crude palm oil via manual or machine, but lacking of refinery machines to transform the palm oil into edible oil. Today we are willing to introduce for you about how to choose palm oil refining machine and process.[Related reading: Why is palm oil refined? What is the purpose of palm oil refining?]

First, it depends on the quality of your crude palm oil, if the acid value is too high, like FFA content is above 6%, then it is better to choose physical type palm oil refinery, which uses steam to remove acid away, thus oil loss is less. [Related reading: Physical refining process of edible oil, what is physical refining of palm oil?]

Second, it is related to the input capacity. We can provide three types palm oil refinery based on the continuous degree: batch type, semi-continuous type and full continuous. Batch type is usually for 1-10TPD, semi-continuous for 10-50TPD, full continuous for capacity above 50TPD. [Related reading: Small scale palm oil refining plant]

Third, you can choose the palm oil refining machine and process according to your budget, we can design and adjust specific palm oil refinery quotation according to your budget, and also ensures the quality of machine unchanged.

Meanwhile, it would be better for us to give you most suitable suggestion if you can tell us your requirement for the final palm oil, because each region and country has different standards, so we can let engineer check it first, then recommend you suitable palm oil refining machine and process.

Hope you can find above information helpful for you to step into palm oil refining business, and if you plan to set up such plant, please contact us for more machine information and prices. We will surely give you best price because of year-end promotion.