Question 1: Can we use the same machine to process palm fruit and palm kernel?

Answer: We can’t use the same machine to process palm fruit and palm kernel. Due to the structure of palm fruit and palm kernel is different, we need to use specially designed palm oil press machine to extract palm oil and use specially designed palm kernel oil expeller machine to extract palm kernel oil. If we must use the palm oil press machine to process the palm kernel, on the one hand, the oil yield cannot be guaranteed, on the other hand, easy to damage the machine, and vice versa.

Question 2: How to extract palm oil from palm fruit?

Answer: The palm oil extraction process usually includes the following steps: sterilizer, thresher, digester&presser, crude palm oil clarification, red palm oil drying and so on. [Related post: What are the steps in palm oil production?]

1) Steps 1—— sterilization:

After collecting, by hot water or steam to make the fresh palm fruit bunches(FFB) be soft. Sterilization process is good for the behind processing, and reducing the damage of palm kernel.

2) Steps 2——threshing:

Separating the palm fruits from FFB, and get the palm fruits to press the crude palm oil.

3) Steps 3—— pressing:

Using the digesting machine to break the palm fruits into pulps, and then using the palm oil pressing machine to press the crude palm oil.

4) Steps 4—— clarification:

After oil pressing, there are some fibers and other impurities in the crude palm oil, after clarification, you will get the cleaning CPO.

5) Steps 5 —— Final oil drying:

Using the drying machine to remove the water of the palm oil, it will make the palm oil more stable and extend its storage time.

After above processing, you can get crude palm oil(red oil), which can be cooking directly. If you want the further production to get best quality cooking oil, it can be sent to palm oil refinery and fractionation plant for further processing.

Question 3: How many tons of oil palm fruits does it need to produce 1 ton of palm oil?

Answer: In general ,You process 1T FFB (fresh palm fruit bunches ) ,You will get 200kg palm oil. Please see the the following theoretical analysis table .

The above result is for reference only. The more accurate data should be based on the actual data. There are other factors that can affect the amount of palm oil ultimately obtained in actual production process. They are: palm fruit oil content and palm oil processing technology.

1.Palm fruit oil content is the essential factor. If your palm fruit is fresh with high oil content, the oil you get is more than lower oil content palm fruit. Every country ‘s palm fruit has difference, thus our engineer can help you calculate according to your palm fruit situation.

2. Palm oil Processing technology: The higher and perfect the processing technology configuration, the better the oil you get. We can design different processing technology according to your requirement and real situation .

If you want to know how many tons of palm oil you can get, only tell us your capacity, your palm fruit oil content, we Henan Doing Company can give you a probably calculated.

Above are 3 most asked questions about palm oil processing machine with their answers. If it can’t solve your questions, please contact us to get more clear explanation.