Many factors need to be considered when choosing the location of palm oil mill. Our palm oil processing plant project engineers suggest that the palm oil mill factory need to be close to the oil palm plantations, the market, as well as the water resource. The detail reasons are as follows:

The first need to be considered is the distance from oil palm plantations to the palm oil mill.

As you know, the fresh palm fruit bunches are very easy to rancidity. If the fresh palm fruit bunches can’t be processed within 24-48 hours, which will increase the free fatty acid and if the quality of the final CPO will not good. In other words, if the palm oil mill are very far away from the palm plantations, it will delay the processing time and effect the quality of final red palm oil. That’s why most large palm oil mill plant of Malaysia and Indonesia are built in the oil palm plantations.

(Additional Remarks: The fresh palm fruit bunches will be harvested in the early morning, and then be transported to the palm oil mill are waiting for the processing. Normally all the FFB(fresh palm fruit bunches) will be processed before the night coming. ) [Related post: Why palm fruits need to be processed within 48 hours?]

The second factor need to be considered is the market.

If your palm oil mill is small scale and the final customers are the nearby resident. You need to consider if they can buy your palm oil very conveniently from your palm oil mill.

If your palm oil mill is large scale and the customers are the big collector, normally they will buy your palm oil by the oil truck. For this scale palm oil mill, you need to consider whether your palm oil mill is close to the road, so that can make the transportation easily and save the transportation cost.

The third factor need to be considered is the water resource.

The palm oil mill need to use the water during the processing, such as the sterilizer, digester, presser, clarification and the boiler. Normally processing one ton FFB(fresh palm fruit bunches) will use around 700kg water. For the different technology palm oil mill, the quantities of the water consumption are different. Besides, the water must be clean. These reasons also motivate you to choose a location which can get the water easily.

In addition to the above factors, there are some others need to be considered when you choose the location of a palm oil mill. As a reliable palm oil processing machine supplier who has built many palm oil mill projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Uganda, Mexico and so on. We are particularly willing to give you some useful advice to help you to set up your own palm oil mill plant.