After pressing the crude palm oil you can get palm nuts, which can be used to extract the palm kernel oil. But before extract the palm kernel oil, the palm nuts must to be removed the shells firstly. For the large palm oil mill, there is a kernel recovery section called hydrocyclone equipment. But for the small and medium scale palm oil mill, this type is not cost-effective. To solve this situation, our engineer specially designed the palm kernel cracker and separator which depending on his previous experience in Indonesia large palm oil mill filed.

This palm kernel cracker and separator machine make up by husker、elevator、airlock、air net、high pressure blower、electrical control cabinet、transducer、platform and so on. Which is using the weight difference between palm kernel and palm shells to separate them by air cyclone. The detailed work processes is as follows:

The first step is crack the nuts by cracker machine, and then the mixture of kernel and shells will go to the air separator. The shells will be taken away by air cyclone, and the kernel will drop down. After cracking & separating process, the kernel and shell separation rate can reach around 90-95%. But you also need to know is that the kernel and shell separation rate also be influenced by the raw materials conditions, such as the moisture, the freshness, the size difference and so on. If you want to get the higher separating rate, pls choose the raw materials with better conditions.

For this palm kernel cracking & separating system, the basic capacity is 2-3 tph, that is to say it can process 2-3 tons palm nuts per hour. Usually, our engineers suggest customers to buy this palm kernel cracker and separator machine when their produciton capacity over 10tph or bigger. If your capacity is very small, you can buy a cracker machine to crack the nuts firstly, and then separate the shells and kernel by manual.

In the actual production of palm kernel oil, one set of palm kernel cracker and separator can meet the production needs, but if you have special needs, such as you want to achieve a better effect of cracking and separating, you may need to buy one set additional device Palm nut grading screen machine. It is used to grade different size of palm nut and make preparation for palm nut cracking and separating step. After grading, small size and large size palm nut could be cracked separately, which can reach the best crack effect. If you are interested in palm kernel processing, our engineer will design the suitable proposal according to your project conditions.