The palm nuts can be converted to the palm kernel oil, which oil is of high value and wide using for cooking oil, cosmetics and chemicals. As you know the palm nuts is the by product of palm oil production, if you want to get palm kernel oil, you need to remove the fibers firstly, and then separate the shells to get the clean palm kernel. Finally convert palm nut to palm kernel oil.

For the fiber separation, there are three methods:

1)Make it dry by sunshine, and then select the palm nuts by manual. This method is used in Africa local small farms.

2)Use the air cyclone to remove the fibers. Put the mixtures into the breaker conveyor to break up the fibers and nut firstly, and then they will go to the polishing drum to remove the fibers left on the nuts, the finally go to the air cyclone to separate the fibers and nuts by air. This method is more suitable for the large palm oil mill like Indonesia and Malaysia.

3)Use professional designed fibers and nuts separating machine to remove the fibers, the capacity of this machine from 1tph to 10tph, and the price is not expensive. Which is convenient and suitable for the small palm oil mills.

After separating the fibers, we need to crack palm nuts and separate palm kernel and palm kernel shell. To quickly separate palm kernel and palm kernel shell, our engineer special designed the palm kernel cracking and separating system depending on the large palm oil mill experience. Just put the palm nuts into the system you can get the clean palm kernel directly.

After the above processing, you can get clean palm kernel. If you only want to get crude palm kernel oil, one palm kernel oil expeller machine will meet your needs. But if you want to get more and higher quality palm kernel oil, you can build a complete palm kernel oil production line. It consists of crusher, cooker, presser, filter and other transportation equipment. Which can help you reach the higher oil yield and the palm kernel oil will be filtration very clean. (Related post:0.5-2tph palm kernel oil production machine)

By these steps, the palm nuts can be converted to crude palm kernel oil, it can be used for cooking directly, also can be sold to other factories for chemical and cosmetic producing. If some customers want to get the edible oil and sell in the supermarket, it need the refinery plant to do that. Our smallest palm oil refinery plant is 1ton/day, the biggest is 600 tons/day.