As an important by-product of palm oil mill, palm kernels are usually wasted as fuel, but now most clients found that palm kernel also contains much oil and it is a good business idea to start palm kernel oil extracting. Here we are glad to guide you several methods of extracting oil from palm kernels.

First, if your kernel is bought or came from the palm oil mill directly, then it is the mixture of fiber and nut. In order to extract palm kernel oil, first you need to separate nut and fiber, then crack nuts and separate kernel and shell, then you will get around half kernels and half shells.

Or you can buy clean palm kernels without shell directly, next you can choose to buy one set single palm kernel oil press machine or complete palm kernel oil extraction machine to extracting palm kernel oil. The single presser can process 500kg palm kernels per hour and it is especially designed for this strong and hard palm kernels. The single machine suits for starters with limited budget.

We can also provide the complete palm kernel oil extraction machine, which includes crushing, cooking, pressing and filtration. Main function of each palm kernel oil machine is as follows.

Crushing: to crush palm kernels into several pieces, make it easier to press oil out and reduce the pressure for the palm kernel oil presser machine.

Cooking: to adjust the temperature and moisture of the palm kernels, making it in the best state before pressing.

Pressing: using special palm kernel oil presser to get crude palm kernel oil and cake, with oil residual around 6-7%.

Filtration: remove the impurities in the crude oil, making it clean and pure.

Currently, for palm kernel oil extracting machine, we can provide the related machine with standard input capacity from 1-50TPD. If you have the need, please leave your requirements and information, then our professional sales will contact you and introduce suitable machines for you.