Palm oil filtration process is very important process in the palm oil processing process, it refers to remove the unwanted impurities from the crude palm oil, such as fibers, sands, water and so on. Typically, the scale of the palm oil mills different, the process and machines used to filter crude palm oil will be different. Next i will introduce you to the steps of palm oil filtration and the equipment used.

In the large palm oil mills of Indonesia and Malaysia, there are five processing steps to filter crude palm oil, they are:

1) Use vibrating screen to remove the fibers;

2) Use clarification tank to settle for a period of time to remove the large impurities;

3) Next use decanter to recover the palm oil in the sludge;

4) The next step is to use plate filter to remove the small impurities;

5) Finally, we need to use vacuum dryer to remove the water in the palm oil.

After the above steps, we can get cleaner red palm oil, which is more easy to store and have high value.

In the very small palm oil mills of Africa, they have no modern machines, and the capacity is not big enough, they use the local traditional method to remove the impurities and water in the crude palm oil. The Africa local crude palm oil filter method is water boiling. Along with the palm oil processing industrial developing, this method can not meet the demands of the modern palm oil mills. To help more African people efficiently get clean red palm oil. We Henan Doing Company’s engineers special designed the new type palm oil filtration process depending on the large palm oil mill technology of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Similar to the Indonesia Malaysia large palm oil mills, our new type palm oil filtration process also includes the following machines, there are vibrating screen, clarification tank, plate filter and vacuum dryer. The detailed filtering process is as follows:

The first step is vibrating screen, the crude palm oil will be pumped into this machine, when the vibrating screen is working, the fibers will leave on the screen, and the palm oil will pass screen and flow to the buffer tank.

The second step is oil clarification, the clarification tank has the special inner structure. Which makes the clean palm oil come out from the top, and dirty palm oil drop in the bottom. Even this part can remove some impurities, but there are still some tiny impurities in the crude palm oil.

So the third step is plate filter, by using this filter most impurities will be removed, the oil is very clean.

After completing the above operation, most of the impurities in palm oil have been removed. Before packing, we need to finish the last step remove the water in the palm oil. Because if don’t dry the palm oil, it just can be stored a short time. The water will make the CPO go rancidity. To protect the palm oil no oxidation, we use the vacuum dryer to dry palm oil. In other words, the palm oil will be dried under the vacuum conditions.

The above is the introduction of crude palm oil filtering methods and filtering steps, but they only the brief introduction, there are still more knowledge will be involved in the crude palm oil filtration process. If you want to get cleaner palm oil in your palm oil production process, welcome to contact us.