Nowadays, more and more people have realized that it is so profitable to make money by extracting palm kernel oil. They began to set up palm kernel oil processing factory. But in the actual production process they often face a problem how to prepare palm kernel to the best condition before pressing to ensure they can get more palm kernel oil and what machines will be used in palm kernel oil processing process.

Usually, there are two factors can prepare palm kernel to the best condition. One is to design suitable palm kernel processing technical process. The other is operate machine well. Here I am glad to introduce to you how to prepare palm kernel to the best condition by different methods.

At first, complete palm kernel oil pressing plant mainly include pretreatment process and pressing process. In order to make palm kernel into best condition before pressing, a series of pretreatment machines are necessary. During palm kernel processing process, the most widely used pretreatment machines are: palm kernel cracking and separating machine, cleaning machine, crusher machine, flaking machine, cooking machine and so on. The detail processing process is as follows:

1) Cracking and separating palm nuts is the first step, we usually use palm kernel cracking and separating machine used to crack palm nuts and separate palm kernel and shell. This machine can help us get clean palm kernels. If your raw material is palm kernel, then no need to choose this machine.

2) Cleaning is the second step, cleaning is used to remove impurities of palm kernel, such as stone, soil, iron and so on. Cleaning helps to make palm kernel quality higher.

3) After cleaning process, we need to use crusher machine to process palm kernel. This machine is used to crush palm kernel into small piece, It helps to increase oil yield and extend the life of the palm kernel oil processing machine.

4)Then, we need to use flaking machine to process palm kernel into slice. After flaking, the materials is becoming thinner than before, it is good for absorb moisture and heat in cooking process , and it is much easier for getting oil in the oil press process.

5) Next we use cooker machine to adjust the temperature and moisture of palm kernel.

6) Finally, the prepared palm kernel will be sent to palm kernel oil press station to extract oil out.

Above is the main pretreatment machines which can make sure the palm kernel to the best condition before pressing. The palm kernel processing technical process mentioned above is more suitable for large scale palm kernel oil factory(the processing capacity is over 20tons per day). If your processing capacity is less than 20tons per day, our engineer can design special process according to customer real situation.

Besides palm kernel processing technical process. Professional operation skill is also important for complete palm kernel oil processing factory. If there is no engineer teach and train customer worker how to operate palm kernel oil processing machines. We are not ensure that palm kernel can reach the best condition before pressing.

we are a professional palm oil processing machine and palm kernel oil processing machine manufacturer, we can supply complete processing technical process to ensure investors can prepare and process palm kernel well. What is more, we have professional engineer to guide install machine, train customer’s workers run machine and teach them professional operate and maintain skill. If you are interested in setting up palm kernel oil processing plant. Please contact us at any time.