Palm kernel oil is taken from the palm fruit kernel. Palm kernel oil contains a large amount of lower fatty acids and has a pleasant walnut aroma. Because it is healthy and delicious, it is loved by everyone. More and more people realize the value of palm kernel oil processing, and want to carry out palm kernel oil processing business. Here we will introduce full assembly for palm kernel oil processing.

Fiber separation and kernel shell separation system: First of all, you need to know what your raw materials are. If your raw material is a mixture of fiber and palm nuts, you need to use a fiber separation machine to separate the fiber and palm kernel. And then use a kernel shell separation system to separate the palm nut shell and palm kernel. If the raw material is clean palm kernel, these two machines can be omitted.

Crushing and cooking machine: After removing the clean palm kernels, we need to use a crusher and cooking to crush palm kernel into several parts and cook them. With two machines, we can heat palm kernels evenly and increase oil yield.

Pressing machine: After crushing and cooking, we need to use palm kernel press machine to extract palm kernel oil. Palm kernel press machine is different from ordinary cooking oil press machine. Because the palm kernel is hard, the screw strength of the palm kernel oil press machine is higher. Then we will get crude palm kernel oil.

Filtering machine: Pressed crude palm kernel oil needs to be filtered. We need to use plate filter and clarified oil tanks. The filtered palm kernel oil can be sold or refined to obtain higher quality palm kernel oil.

The above is the full assembly for palm kernel oil processing, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation of each customer. Our company is a professional palm kernel oil processing machine manufacturer, if you need, please contact us.